Mission Statement

First Baptist Church exists in the Greater Kansas City community: Carry out the mission of the Church, from the Baptist perspective, as given in the Great Commission (Matt. 28: 19-20); and to: Play a vital role in the lives of people in this community through religious teachings and Practices, leadership and continuous challenges to the social, political and economic systems in order to make our community a wholesome place to live.


Our Vision

First Baptist Church strives to be:
•An extraordinary example in this community of carrying out the Great Commission (Matt.28: 19-20)
•An inspiration for Christian living and development
•A nurturing family through life”s stages and situations
•A church that attracts cultural, intellectual, and economic diversity
•A prayer and worship center
•A church with an edifice that is fully utilized
•A beacon for the lost, and a source of energy for the weak in spirit
•A highly regarded partner in the faith community; and,
•A catalyst for social justice.